Guidelines for Solar Panel Cleaning

Safety First: Guidelines for Solar Panel Cleaning

In a world where eco-friendly energy is taking a leading position, solar panels have become an essential part of utilizing the potentiality of the sun.

As more industries, households, and government jurisdictions acquire home solar energy solutions, the organization and preservation of solar panels, including installing solar panels, become essential.

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Regular cleaning is important to guarantee excellent performance, we, the WattUp team, are thrilled to share extensive guidelines on how to clean solar panels with a focal point on your safety.

We introduce you to a comprehensive cleaning solution with your distinctive requirements.

How To Clean Solar Panels: Essential Guidelines for Optimal Productivity

Here are important guidelines for increasing the productivity of your Solar Panels and also ensuring that you clean solar panels effectively.


  • Dilute Correctly: Follow the suggested dispersion ratios based on the type of contaminants for superb cleaning impacts.
  • Try out a Small Area: Before applying the solution to the whole panel, try out a small area to check and avoid possible damage.
  • Clean During Cold Hours: Go for solar cleaning during cold hours of the day to prevent rapid dissolution of the cleaner.
  • Wipe Perfectly: After cleaning, rinse the panels with pure water to detach any extra cleaning solution.
  • Use Soft Cleaning Tools: Make use of materials like soft cloths, mild soaps, water softeners, or soft brushes to avoid scratching, and also make sure to clean panels without water.
  • Continuous Maintenance: Include continuous cleaning and solar panel maintenance schedule to warrant marvelous efficiency. Also, certain environments may require more frequent cleaning due to different weather conditions.


  • Use Hard Chemicals: Avoid using hard or caustic chemicals that can harm the solar panel top.
  • Cleaning at Warm Time: Stop cleaning panels when they are very warm, as it can cause the cleaning solution to vaporize rapidly and leave elements.
  • Use Rough Tools: Direct, clear, rough tools like wire sponges, dish soaps, or hard cleaning pads, as they can rub and damage the panel.
  • Avoid Safety: Always follow safety precautions and make sure to dry the panels while cleaning or else it will lead to loss.
  • Ignore Maintenance: Avoiding continuous Solar panel cleaning and safety can result in decreased energy costs over time and also reduce

Safety Precautions While Carrying Solar Panel Cleaning

  1. Always wear gripper footwear, especially while dealing with solar battery storage systems and extension poles. This safeguards you from possible injuries caused by slippery sides or falling debris.
  2. Use stable and safe ladders while cleaning. Also, have someone assistance who can hold the ladders for you, as it will prevent accidents.
  3. Always Wear safety equipment like goggles and hand gloves while cleaning the panel.
  4. Turn off the solar panel system and avoid using high-pressure washers.

WattUp Solution: A Groundbreaker in Solar Panel Cleaning

Our Solar Panel Cleaner is India’s first biodegradable solar panel cleaner, specially styled to increase solar panel productivity. Our environmentally friendly solution removes stains, dust, dirt particles, bird droppings, sludge, and sediments without damaging the panels.

The non-acidic formula ensures a flawless cleaning process, making it secure for your solar panels and the environment.

Key Results and Achievements:

WattUp has continuously provided amazing results through our creative Solar Panel Cleaning Solution. Let’s look at the key results and achievements that show WattUp’s progress in growing solar life.

  • 100 mW worth of sites restored: WattUp has successfully reinstalled 5 megawatts worth of solar sites, supplying a remarkable growth in electricity production.
  • 3000+ sites saved: Our solution has been waged across various sites, saving them from the harmful effects of dirt, manufacturing issues, cement marks, and sediments.
  • Avg 55% Quantified energy saved with the rise in power generation using WattUp: Users have acquired from the removal of contaminants, directing to a quantified energy rise of 45% to 60% in their power generation


When is the Right Time to Clean Your Solar Panels?

It’s crucial to choose the right time to clean your solar panels to maximize their efficiency and lifespan.

Cleaning your solar panels after the spring pollen season will help them soak up more summer sunshine. It’s a good idea to clean solar panels in the early morning or late afternoon because they can get hot during the daytime and become too hot to touch.

4 Easy and Speedy Steps for How to Clean Solar Panels

  • Step 1 – Dust Off: Gently brush off loose dirt or debris and make sure the glass covering of panels is cleaned regularly. Be gentle to keep panels safe.
  • Step 2 – Mix It Up: Mix 1 part of the cleaning liquid with 5 parts of water. Use a spray bottle or container.
  • Step 3 – Scrub-a-Dub: Spray solution on panels evenly. Gently scrub with a soft brush in circles. Bye-bye to dirty solar panels!
  • Step 4 – Rinse Clean: Wash with clean water. Use a garden hose or gentle stream. No solution residue, sparkling clean!
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Advantages of Using WattUp Solar Panel Cleaner

  • Maximized Energy Generation: Effectively eliminates stains, dirt, and sediments, optimizing solar panel performance for increased energy production and significant cost savings.
  • Restoring Photovoltaic Quality: Gently removes water-borne dirt without leaving marks, ensuring prolonged brilliance and efficiency of your solar panels.
  • Water Grime Dissolving: They are specifically designed to dissolve and eliminate dirt and grime with water, promoting optimal light absorption for enhanced solar energy output.
  • Scratch-Free Cleaning: Safely cleans without causing any scratches, preserving the pristine condition of your solar panels and maintaining their long-term effectiveness.
  • Non-Acidic Formula: Utilizes a non-acidic cleaning liquid, ensuring safety considerations for both solar panels and the environment while providing a sustainable cleaning alternative.
  • Environment Friendly: Demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability with a biodegradable and eco-friendly formula, minimizing the impact on ecosystems related to conventional cleaning agents.

Powering a Brighter Future

In conclusion, the protection of solar panel cleaning is most important, and by using the WattUp Solar Panel Cleaning Solution that guarantees a viable and efficient cleaning method, you not only save your money but also donate to a greenish and more justifiable future.

To reap the amazing advantage of the WattUp solution, we encourage you to take action now. Get our free demo in Rajkot and observe the variation in energy bills and panel capability.

Together, let’s squeeze cleaner energy solutions and cover the way for a shining and more maintainable future.

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  1. Why Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?

Ans: Collected dirt, dust, bird droppings, and debris can consequently reduce productivity by blocking sunlight absorption; thus, with constant cleaning of Solar Panels, you can increase their energy production and overall life span.

  1. Which Locations May Require More Frequent Cleaning?

Ans: Locations with huge environmental pollutants or places experiencing frequent bird droppings, tree particles, or heavy rainfall may require more frequent solar panel cleaning.

  1. How Often Should Solar Energy Panels Be Maintained?

Ans: Dirty panels can reduce efficiency or render them completely dysfunctional. Solar panels should be checked regularly by a professional maintenance service. This way, the lifespan and efficiency of solar panels can be increased.

  1. Can I Use Any Cleaning Solution for Solar Panels?

Ans: No, it’s important to use a solution that saves solar Panels from the harmful effects of dirt. Avoid hard chemicals that may damage the panel’s surface, and always use biodegradable polishing cleaners.

  1. What Safety Precautions Should I Take During Solar Panel Cleaning?

Ans: Always wear safety gear, including goggles and gloves. Stop using pressure washers or hard tools. Make sure the panels are dry during cleaning to prevent accidents.

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